Pittie Pup Rescue
Good NewZ! Pittie Pups Rescue
is a 501(c)(3) established to save baby mutts (aka pittie pups) from euthanasia.

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We allow qualified families to foster our very young puppies, so they can bond with their new family member early. Because we are a rescue, we aren't allowed to let anyone adopt a puppy until the puppy is fixed. And because our pups are usually too young to get fixed, the only option for families that want to adopt is to foster first, then adopt once the puppy is fixed.

Most of our puppies are born at the shelter or brought in as newborns. Ideally we can find a litter family, willing to take mom and pups until the pups are six weeks old. At that time, on the advice of several trainers, we wean the pups and separate the litter. Mom goes to one home and the pups go in pairs to other foster homes. Many of those families eventually want to adopt a pup. But the only homes eligible for underage pups are homes willing to take at least two pups. The pups teach one another important social skills such as bite inhibition, so only 8 week old pups can only go individually to homes.

So if you are interested in a young pup, first decide whether you want to start by fostering a litter, fostering two pups from six weeks to eight weeks of age or fostering, then adopting, a single, eight week old pup. Then the next step is to apply here.

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  • All fees waived for active military.
  • Foster-to-Adopt - Our foster-to-adopt fee is $225 and we also need a second check for an additional $150 that can be postdated to the pup's 5th month. We will only cash the second check when the pup is 5 months and then only if the pup still needs to be fixed. If you fix the pup before it is 5 months, we tear the second check up. There are no additional fees to adopt; Good NewZ! pays for the neuter, microchip, and Rabies (if you use our vets); ownership transfers when we receive proof of neuter.
  • Adoption - Our adoption fee for an older puppy and/or dog that is already fixed when you adopt is $225.

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Meet and Greet

When you submit your application via e-mail, please suggest the best time(s) for you to visit a foster home. We will send you the address of our foster once we have reviewed your application.

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Home Inspection

Good NewZ! needs to take a very brief look at your home to warn you of potential hazards ... you will be amazed at what a young pup will get into!!!

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