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Dog Food

We have a lot of dogs with delicate stomachs or delicate skin, and this food has been a big help.

1. Heat eight cups of water in a large pot, so that the water is very-slightly simmering.
2. Put in one pound of ground beef – not “lean” or “extra-lean” ground beef. Mash the beef a little so that it disperses through the water.
3. Put in three-and-a-half cups of brown rice.
4. Put in a couple of handfuls of baby carrots, a handful of spinach, and perhaps a handful of diced green beans.
5. Cover the pot.
6. Keep an eye on it, stirring from time to time. After a few minutes, when the mixture starts to simmer slightly again, cover the pot again, turn the heat low, and wait at least 45 minutes.
7. Turn off the heat, stir the mixture, recover the pot, and wait ten minutes.

A dog of 45 lbs should eat about a cup of this mixture, or perhaps a little more, twice a day. With a young puppy, you just keep an eye on the dog and say to yourself: “Is he getting too heavy or too thin? Should I be feeding him a little more or a little less at each meal?”

Young puppies sometimes find the mixture a little sticky. For them, Lori and I usually mix five or six tablespoons of hot water in with the serving, before we put the plate on the floor.

If you feed a dog shortly after you prepare the mixture, it will be too hot. You will have to put it out on a plate to cool for ten minutes or so.

After you finish making the mixture, you should leave the pot to cool somewhere (covered) for three or four hours. Then you should put it into the refrigerator.

When you take the pot out of the refrigerator and put a serving onto a plate, it will be too cold. You should heat it in a microwave for a minute or so, until it is lukewarm.


Lori and I are big believers in fish oil and multi-vitamins. We give a 40-60 lb dog one multi-vitamin tablet in the morning (none in the evening). Also, we crunch down on the fish oil gel and the cranberry gel, then squeeze them into the breakfast. We sometimes add an acidophilus tablet. You can get pet multi-vitamins at any pet store and the fish oil and cranberry at Costco.

A young pup will also benefit from supplemental calicium, since they are growing so fast. Again, most pet stores carry calicium tablets; refer to the bottle for dosage.
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Please be very cautious about treats. Most of the treats you can buy are loaded with sugar or fat. Dogs literally become addicted to them. When you see a dog sitting frozen in front of his owner, desperate for some command so that he can fulfill the command and get a treat as quickly as possible, you know that the dog is addicted to fat or sugar.

At most pet stores, you can find treats that have only 10 calories or so each. They are crunchy wafers that have been soaked in a liver broth. Those are what I recommend.

When Lori is training dogs, she likes to use a little cheese. She likes to use provolone. I think this is a healthy snack for training periods.
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Dogs with Demodex need special shampoos and their beds washed weekly. We use a Benxyl Peroxide shampoo that is made to deal with Demodex. Once the "pimples" are gone, the BP shampoo is no longer necessary, but you need to continue these two things:

* When you wash his bedding, use a laundry soap that has no perfume or dye. “Tide Free” is one example.

* When you bathe him, never use “people” shampoo (it causes dandruff); use a puppy shampoo with as little perfume or dye as possible. Your vet can probably recommend one. I recommend a shampoo called “Tearless Puppy Shampoo for Dogs” from a company called “DermCare”.
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